Postion - Heatmap

Pointing the smartphone’s camera towards the tennis court will constantly track the player’s position and will provide unique data that’s normally only available to professionals through expensive hardware. The sequence of positions is recorded and made available in the app through heatmaps. This technology is also available for doubles: the app tracks the combination and coordination of movements for an enhanced team analysis.

Review - Data analytics

Data recorded during sessions is available in the “Session” section of the app. Data is also integrated with a detailed video analysis.
Tracking your sessions means you can review and analyse each session in detail, just like the pros do.
Shots and positions can be analysed individually or in combination depending on the level of analysis required by the user.


Tennis Commander uses the smartwatch’s built-in sensors to track your shots in real time: you get access to data such as type of shot (Forehand, Backhand, Smash), shot style (Flat, Slice, Top spin), power and height. Within the app you can visualise shot data through graphs and video. You can also compare different shots or compare your latest perfomance with your average perfomance based on previous recorded sessions.


The app helps players improve by providing real time technical, strategic and psychological feedback about the ongoing performance directly on his smartwatch. “Your opponent is pushing on your backhand, forcing you behind the baseline on your left side”, “You are running more than average, take a break”: this type of feedback has been studied and developed in collaboration with federal coaches and is based on the comparison between live performances and previous recorded performances which are used to create specific players’ in-game profiles.