Tennis Commander?

The first app that aims at
democratising tennis performance monitoring:
everyone can now access pro-like statistics!

Real-time data

TC uses ad-hoc machine learning techniques to process data sensed by the smartwatch during play and turn it into meaningful information. For example, you can check intensity of your strokes, your grip, and more.

Localisation on the court

By way of AI-driven video analysis, TC can track your position on the court in real-time, unleashing the power to provide you with strategic support that is tailored on your playing characteristics, as the system gets to know you game after game.

Designed for Wearables

TC has been developed for Android Wear smartwatches with painstaking attention to efficiency so as to run on the most popular devices. Porting the technology to iOS is our next objective.

Record your game

TC turns a smartphone-recorded video of your match into a realm of info on your game. Search the video by stroke; analyze your serve technique, see how you fared on those tricky forehand volleys, and more!

Compare your games

Monitor your progress game after game, by comparing data from different playing sessions.

Go social

As player statistics are collected, TC can match your profile against that of other players nearby and help you find an opponent to test and improve your skills and get the best out of your playing sessions.

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We are a team of people, driven by three main passions: computer science, music! In TC’s team, no one is improvised and every position is covered by people with the qualifications, know how, and passion to do exactly what is asked of them.
  • 2018

    Spin-off of the University of Pisa

    Tennis Commander srl officially becomes a spin-off of the University of Pisa!

  • 2017

    Play It Easy!

    In December 2017, we have been assigned the prestigious 'Play It Easy' Award by the Italian Olympic Committee (at the Maker Faire, in Rome).

  • 2016

    Go Kickstarter, go!

    In 2016, we successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign!

  • 2015

    In 2015 we imagined Tennis Commander

    Our research and work on Tennis Commander started back in 2015. Once the initial feasibility was appraised, the team was extended with the equally paramount remaining positions, including marketing and communication experts with international experience, rich portfolios and recognized value, communication and relations experts with solid connections to the professional tennis circuit, experienced business advisors and mentors to help develop a business model and provide support in establishing a proper business vehicle for the project.

  • 2014

    We started in 2014

    The team behind Tennis Commander started out small in 2014, releasing Midi Commander, the first Android app to control MIDI instruments. The team features qualified scientists well-versed in the processing of sensor data, Big Data and Machine Learning technologies. As coders, they have a wide experience with Android app development in a large variety of contexts.

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Send us your email: you will get 1 year free subscription to Tennis Commander, saving more than 150€!

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